Real Warnings

-On the "CycleAware" helmet-mounted mirror:
Objects in the mirror are actually behind you."

-On a large folding cardboard sunshade for car
windscreens: "Do not attempt to operate vehicle with
sunshade in place."

-On a car lock which loops around both the clutch pedal
and the steering wheel: "Warning - Remove lock before

-In the instructions for a Korean kitchen knife: "Keep
out of children."

-On a packet of juggling balls: "This product contains
small granules under 3 millimeters. Not suitable for
children under the age of 14 years in Europe or 8 years
in the USA."

-On a packet of peanuts served on an internal flight in
China (written in both English and Chinese): "Open packet
and eat contents."

-Seen on a camera: "This camera only works when there is
film inside."

-On a bottle of flavored milk drink: "After opening, keep

-On a Rowenta iron: "Warning! Never iron clothes on the

-On a can of windscreen de-icing spray: "Spray works in
sub-zero temperatures."

-On a Halloween Batman costume: "This cape does not give
the wearer the ability to fly."


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