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sanny clawz is a rednek
way down in tennysee
u thaut hez frm thee north pole
now that jest caint be

i saw hem that nite
he goze flyin round
he yelled reel loud
az he lifted off the ground

geeddy up thar bubba
barney you get goin to
leroy foller be hind
geet ur butt goin ol blue

gomer whut yur doin thar
dab nab it u lettle louse

beefor we left tennysee
i told u ta uze the outhouse

ham bone geet goin thar
otis dont u drag
stop foolin round
geet moovin thar flee bag

then thar wuz won
that reely gloz
hiz name wuz moonshine
cuz he had a red noze

and then i saw sanny clawz
he wuz warin red geans
an a stipet shurt
lik i never seen

an a green cowboy hat
gusse he drest up a bit
with won last yell he sed
now yall rain deers jest git

i jest laffed my boots off
teel in the sky he wuz jest a speck
yeeppers in deeddy
that sanny clawz is a redneck!!

Copyright Carolyn's Place 12/05/08
iffin yalls takes it we all iz comin' after
yall with a shootgun!!


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