ma went to cookin skool
she bearly maid it by
she wanted to lurn
to make sweeet tater pie

now the teecher wasn't happy
when ma brought in her suplies
she brought in her taters
to make sweet tater pies

the teecher asked my ma
whered you get these taters at
well i noed where she gotem
theys grown by my pap

hes got a hole garden
row after row
he's the only one in these heer hills
that can make theze taters grow

that ol teecher flunked my ma
she brought in the wrong suplies
but ma still lurned to cook
those swwet taters pies

Now yuz be the judge
jest whats wrong with these taters?
I think theys uneek
an next year paps grown maters

Gotta Luv Those Sweet Taters Pie!!


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