Met my familee

now yall lessin heer
gonna introduce ya ta my famelie ...

first thars my pa
hes a bright as a lite
he can croon a song
on a hot sumers nite

then thars my ma
shes just a grand ol bugger
she jest luvs her yung uns
shes the best dern hugger

ya gotta met my unkle jasper joe
he's mas haf bruthr twise remooved
maybe hes pas i dont member
but dont matter hes a reel cool dude

nex thars ant lucy may
she can make the boys swoon
cuz shes a hot shot
wen she hunts coon

then i gots a great ant flora sue
shes won silly goose
we all get a kick outta her
wen she spits her tobbcar juce

unkle norburt jo
gives us all the snub
he thinks hes jest hot suff
cauze he gots his own bath tub

well we aint got one
but don't yalls take no peek
we gotta warsh
in the ol cold creek

but the best dern famlee membur
is ar grate granmaw
ssmokes her ceegarets
when she aint got no chaww

thars my famlee
i steel got burthers an sissturs
that's mighty fine
but yall hafta wate
till i see yalls the nex time


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