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Lots a good food so tell ur cite frends.


Let salmon soak over night, and boil it slowly for two hours; eat it with drawn butter.

To pickle salmon after it has been boiled, heat vinegar scalding hot, with whole peppers and cloves; cut the fish in small square pieces; put it in a jar, and pour the vinegar over.

Shad may be done in the same way.


Put your fish to soak over night. Change the water in the morning, and let it stay till you put it on, which should be two hours before dinner.
Keep it at scalding heat all the time, but do not let it boil, or it will get hard.

Eat it with egg sauce or drawn butter.
If you have any cod fish left from dinner, mix it with mashed potatoes, and enough flour to stick them together.
Season with pepper;
make it into little cakes,
and fry them in ham drippings





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