Helo My Deer Frend Emmy Lou,
It shur has ben a long time sinse we wrot ta un anoter.
I dun missed ya soooo much. You isa mi very besta frend. Ther isa soooo much ta tell ya.

Firsta thang, I dun changed churches so I harly eva sees thet Mary Jane no more. She was lik a thorna in ma butt. Ta new church wher I go teeches us ta luv all, but it's a gonna be sooo hard ta eber say I lova thet Mary Jane.

Mi Billy Joe Bob isa been soo much nicer ta me lately. I keeeep wonderin whaet it isa he wants. Wen eber he isa nice ta me he isa up ta sumpin. You cana bet yer lifa ona it.

I kepe wunderin efa he'a started upa thet still agin.
Ta sherif isa gunna get hima yet. He alays seems soooo heppy.
Justa smilin ana singin. I betcha I'ma rite un thisa un.

Ya neva did tel me, did Charlie eber wina thet $100,000 et the Nascar
races? Ef soooo, whet dida they do wif tha winnins they gut?
I know ifa I gut thet much moneey I wud feed tha poor familys thaet
lib in Widew Holler. They says ther is most ober 4 hunderd litter ones
liben there now in thet orpanege. Et makes teers cum ta mi eyes jus thinkiin abot et.

Pleese fergib my spellin cuz I hada drop outa schol cuz my Billy Joe Bob
sterted gamblin an he isa usin mosta er munny fer thet. They said I wasa pretty smert fer sumone thet cumm frem the holler. I gues they thank ef ya lib in ta heller ya is supposed ta be dum er sumpin. I wunder wher they eber get thet idear.

Dida ya eber finda out whet wus ment by:
Mary Jane wasa ugglier thena mud fence?
I dun askked arund ana no un seemta know whet et wus suppoded ta meen.

No un I askked hed eber heerd ofa fence thet wus made of mud.
Wunder wher thet sayin' cum frum........ I jes kaint figger thet un out.

Wella Gurl, I dun saved tha bestesta news fer lest.
I is in ta femily wey. Me ana Billy Joe Bob isa gunna heve urselves a yung un.
I is due ina few munts ana ef et isa gurl we isa gunna name her Merry Sue ana ef it isa boy we isa gunna name hem Bubba Joe Bob, affer his daddy.

wella I gutta run gurl, asa mi man wansa sumpin ta eet. I dun fixed hima big ol' possim pie.
He isa gunna be soooo saprised.
Ketch ya later gurl..... Alla mi luv.......... Carolyn

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Please do not take it with out permission!

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