Deer Crazy Leggs,
I dun thot yer was no lunger arund thes parts cuz I ain't herd from ya in a long time.
I kno ya meen well wen ya offer ta help mi beet the crap outta Billyjoe Bob, but I jus can't do thet  sorta thang cuz I jus luv thet man of mine.
No matter whet he duz, I prubuly still gonna be here, at leest fer now.
I needa tell ya sumpthin though, Thet new mayer, Homer has dun made a pass et me. Reed en my gues book and see fer yerself.
I got perdy flushed when I dun read et.
Yu'd thank Mary Jane wud go fer him but no she jus likes ta merried ones. Go Figur!
Ya know taday is the last Nascar for this seeson and I went wif Lisa & her husban Charlie....
Et sure was excitin. Greg Biffle won ta race an Tony Stewart won ta points champion.
I wish Billyjoe Bob wud take me places wif him. He used ta do this wen we firse got toogether. I rememer how much fun et used ta be.
We went skinny dippin' once an the sherrif caught us and he give us a reel tung lashun'.
Has yu eber ben skinny dippin, Crazy Leggs?
Et feels so gud to be pure neeked in ta water, beeing able ta jus move arund so free.
Ya know we dun seen thet sherrif a peekin' et us frum behind the bushes fer a lung time befer he gave us ta tung lashin. If'n his wife new he was a spyin' unto oter wemen wen they wer  neeked, I think she mite throw a fit. Wat do you thank about thet?
What yu ben up ta gurl? I dun herd ya had a book publeeshed? Ya ben writin thos poems yet?
I dun read them an ya is reel gud et it?  I sur wish ya many blessings on yer sales cuz ya has ben such a gud frend fer so many yeers.
Hey, do ya supose ya will eber git merried agin? If'n so wat kinda man wud ya like?
Ya no, my Billyjoe Bob isnt ebery womans dreem but he isa gud man in so manny ways.
Getting' married et the age of 14, I neber eben had a chance ta think about thet.......
Sumtimes now I wish I wud have taken ta time ta grow up first an then think abut merried
life an babys.
Well gurl, I gotta go and tend ta sum thangs...... Take care of yerself an be sur ta rite me back.
Yer Gud Frend..........   Carolyn

Redneck Poetry Shelfİ
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Please do not take it with out permission!

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