Dear Carolyn,

 I was a readin yer note on (Loc Yer Doors), and I was shur scared fer ya.

I looked at them ther pitchers an thot to myself, "My oh My, who cud thet be?"


Then I walked past my ful lenth miror, when I was naked, after my showder, an I darn yer fainted. I wus jus about scard out of my skin.

Thet lady you was talkin about, I swer was right ther befor my very eyes. She hed more wrinkles then one of thos wrinkley pupies. She was down right scary lookin' I yelled at her an asked who she wus and how cum she was runnin around in my hous naked?


She jus yelled bak at me an it scared my husban half to deth.

He says he has seen her befor, but he didnít want to cause no truble so he was keepin' his mouth shut. He's a good an smart man, yes he shore is. He never wants to make no wavs, he says.

I'm not shur what that ment as we ain't ben fishin for many a year now.

Anyway she shur was a site fer sore eyes. Maybe she will go away now.


The part that made me relly mad was when my husban tried to calm me down, he hogged me while we was in front of the miroe yet and I saw her a hoggin' him too. Now I think maybe she might be that Mary Jane who is a writin to yer Billy Jo Bob. I'd  shur keep an eye or to on her.

Do ya think she wants both our men?


Next time I see her I'm a gonna tear her hare out by those blonde roots an send her on her way.

Maybe we shud throw a pardy an invite her, then hog tie her  an run her otta town on a rail.

Jus a thot, let me kno what cha think... ok!

Go easy on Billy Jo Bob cuz this other woman done invited him to cum live wit her.....


     Yer Bes Frend  an Concerned Neiber
                                              Emma Lou


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