My Der Fren Carolyn

I isa ina sad way tis mornin'. So mucha hasa happined ina tis pest winta.
Mosa ur cettle died a frum tha colda ana I tryta tella Charlie to
puta heeter ina ta bern but he jus say et isa sucha wasta munny. He dun sed ta cettle willa keap ona nuther werm. Now we is reely poor off.

I hada go ta the welfer ana aska fer sum food stumps so's I cud get sum fooda cuz the kidsa ur drivin' me juss plene crezy. Theya kepa sayin theys hngry ana I cuk frum duska ta dawn.

I wisha Charlie wuda wun thet Nascar rase but they sed his car wasa way to slowa after alla the other carsa hada gun arunda ta treck abut tree or fur timesa an mi Charlie wusn't eben arund unce yet. Tet munny shur wuda cum in mighty hndy wif alla theesa yung uns ta feed ana dressa.

Nellie, ur oldst un, isa loosin alla her teef. She sa's she isa too emberesed ta eben leve ta huose anymere. Her gy frend saysa he a dun care ifa she haf teef ur not. He dun teld her she don need teef ta cook, cleen huos ana ber yun uns. He a wansa hab et lest 16 kidsa en mebe mora.

Polly dun get merried ta a durn pretty Mexican Man. She isa expectin soona and ita isa gunna be a gurl. Theya gunna neme
her a Molly Sue. Polly isa 13 now ana we is sooo prude of her fer catchin a man cuz shea wasa gettin up in age and prettya
suna no man wuda wanta her.

Nut mucha goin ona wif ta resta ta clan.....

Oh, I almos fergit ta tella ya. Me ana Charlie isa gunna go una vacatun sum tima soona.
Alla these chilrun ara enuff ta dribe mi crezy. I ferget how meeny we has now cuz I neba dida lern ta count bery fer.

Oha ana nuther thang, Charlie dun tuld me ta tella Ya ta tella Billy Joe Bob thet hes a gunna go fishin ina mornin uf Juna 6th so ifn' he wunts ta go he shud meeta hima by ta yeller Cut Dam et abuot haf pest leben. He wub be ther sunner but he wansa sleap in thet day. Hisa bonsa ben achin cuz he isa sittin arund too dern much. I keapa naggin him ta git sum extersize but he tella me ta shut yer muoth woman, so I figur I bes clam up fer a spel.
Ya know mi mama neber dun telld me merrige wasa gunna be likea this. If she hadda I wuda kept thet wooden nickel tween my knees thet daddy giv me whrn I turned 9.

Cousin Ralph has hisa eyesa seta un ur Peggy Sue. Hea can'ta whate fer hera ta turn 9. She isa seben now.
Wella I gutta go gurl...... rite ta me an leta usuns kno whet isa gonin ona in yer necka ta woods.....
It getsa mity luney when I dun't her frum ya ina while.....

Yer Bes Frend .... Emmy Lou


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