Dear Carolyn...
You have done stirred up my agrivation and honey, let me tell you that when
you got my agrivation stirred up you better watch for what is coming!!!! I
come across a newsletter of yourn and read a letter about me.  I don't like
it... I don't like anyone agrivating me like that letter did.  I am on your
mail lettering but you don't know who I am... so watch  your back...I'm
liable to slip up and conk you with that so called black skillet you bought
to hit my Billyjoe Bob with... he's my baby Billy and nothin you or anyone of
your so called hillbilly friends is gona is going to make me let him go...
he dont wanta go anyway... I am the one he luvs , and he knows I'm always
here for him... he'd leave you ifing you didnt hoard all the money from
him... poor baby dont have money for tobacco most times... but I keep him
fixed in that... I always have some waitin for him when he slips over.
Another thang, he aint looking and putting money in ladies panties cause
when you think hes at the bar, thats a fat faced lie... cause my baby is
with me.. So there!!!   no schoolin aint gonna help you cause as soon as we
get some money together we're heading for western Tennessee.. so tell that busy body friend of yorn she better quit meddling and tend to her own busines... all she wants to do is stir up trouble.. and  honey, I could get any man I want, if I wanted and I got the one I want, my baby Billy.  truth is, SHE wants Billyjoe Bob and is just jealous.
well, I've had my say so am going now and  sneak a letter to Billyjoe
Bob...hehe dont you wish you knew how I do that... hehehehe
mary jane

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