Well, Well, Well,
So yer gonna sneek another lettr ta my Billyjoe Bob.... Sneekin' is what ya do best.
Sneekin' arund wif all der merried men in dis town.
As fer me keepn' alla ta munny frum Billyjoe Bob so he cant' by him sum tabaccee,
well lady My Billyjoe Bob don't chew tabacee an he neva has. He dun tol me a long
time ago thet he caint' stand ta taste of it.
So ifn' he isa chewin' when he isa wif ya'all ita isa cuz he cant' stand ta smella yer breth, or
sumpin' else. Now I ain't tryin ta be nasty but ta trutf is ta truf.
Ya dun't relly know ma Billyjoe Bob. He will say mos anythang ta git what he wants ana
thets un of ta thangs I luv mos about him. He isa a great manifulatator. He can talk mos
pepples inta anythang.
How do ya think we been a payin' ur bills alla these yeers? It isn't cuz he's such a gud wurker.
You know he neva wurks, so how duz ya think ur yung uns got ter go to ta cummunity
collage? Billy did'nt see fit ta git there teef fixed but he dun said schoolin wuz sumpin he neva
had so he wauza gunna make sure hisa kids gott ejucated, ana he dun a fine job offa et.
 Billyjoe Bob lerned ta barter & haggel when he wuz a yung un, jus ter survive an he is fine et it. He dun talked a man out ef 500 hudred $ ta otter day jus fer buyin/ our ol' lan mower thet
hasa ben sittin' ina ur frunt yerd fer the pas 20 yers.
He wasa city man  and he called et an antiquitee, er sumpin like thet.
Thes same man isa gonna cum bak and he a wans to buy alla the utter stuf ina ur frunt yerd.
Billyjoe Bob isa un smurt man. He lets alla the pepples ina county  pilea all ther stuff thet
ain't werkin' no mor, ina ur frunt yerd, then he sells et and he sur isa gud et it.
I know ur frunt yerd ain't very perdy but we made enuff  munny to put ur young uns thrugh
scool and ye ain't neva had no keeds so ye don't know the joy of et.
I am relly sory fer yu Mary Jane cuz I kno yu is a loonley  person but enuff is enuff. All us wemen here in town has decided we isa goin' to the city cuncil ana we is gonna' get yu run outta town. You is a durn nusance to many a  gud merried cupple. The only way it wont' happen is ifa yu is sleepin' wif the new mayor.
I will neva understand how Homer dun got ta be ta new mayor anyway...... he isa a looker thou, an I like ta way he smilsa at me. Maybe he aint' such a bad guy afer all. Time willa tell....
Ina mean tima keepa yer nasty hans offa mi Billyjoe Bob.  They musta be pretty dirty cuz ever  tima he come  homa lately hes a takin a tub bath in my galvanized tub an he ain't dun thet in yers. 
He mus be feein' pretty dirty afta bein' wif ya'all.        

  My Regerds.........   Carolyn 

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