Mary Jane,
I ain't gunna call ya Deer, cuz ya is still tryin' ta steel mi man.
Dun't ya eber giv up? Ya is supposd ta be a gud lady, accoedin'
ta ya but I aint seen nothin' gud about ya yet.
Lord knows I tri, and I eben pray fer ya when I is in church. Thet
is tree times a weak. All ta wemem in the wemems club pray fer ya alla ta time.
We isa convinced ifa we dunt, ya isa goin' south when ya pass on.
Now to git ta the meet of why I'ma writin in the frist place. Ya is a makin it relly
herd fer me to remain a Christin wemen. I git so madd at cha, sumtimes I jus
wanna spit, an ya know thet aint lady -like. Ifn' I cud git mi hans on Billy Joes Bob's
gun I wuda shot cha a long time aggo. But ten I wud go south to an I had ta spend
must of ma life wid ya messin' around wid mi man, sure dun't want ta spend eternioty
wif ya to, so I abonded thet thout rite quick.
Jus becuz mi Billy usez ya fer some rereation once ina wile, dusn't meen hes'a gunna
eber leeve mi. Cuntreery, ta whet ya mite thank..... we is ina luv.
He cuda left looongg time agoo if'n he hed a mind ta but he isa stil here soo thet musta
say sumpin fer ur merrige.
Billy dun told me ta other nite, he dun luvs me wif alla his hart. He is trufful wif mi ana
says ya is jus a tempoory play-thang.
Now we bof know ala ta men here-abuts isa, alla got sum rereation ona ta side. Thet aint bout ta change nun so Ima heer ta tel ya ta git a life ana leeve mi man aloon.
Ya dun toold mi Billy, (ina yer leter ta him), thet ya wud like hima ta helpa ya wif yer ferm animl, thet isa a down rite lie, cuz alla ya want isa a rolla in ta hay, not jes wif mi Billy, but wifa ani man thet will droppa his drewers fer ya.
Like mi frend Loretta sais, Ya isn't wemen enuff ta taka mi man!

Ya reely needa gita life, gurl!

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