Hey Gurlfrend Carolyn
This isa yer bes frend agin...... (Emma Lou)
I just hada tella ya the latest I jus herd.
Did ya know thet Mary Jane has a ben goin' ta
beauty schol fer over 2 yers now? Et apentarly
isnt wurkin' cuz she stil isa as ugly as she eber was. I herd 
sumone say ta otter day thet she is ugglier then a mud fence.
What der you suppose they ment by thet? I ain't neva seen a
fence mede outta mud.
I shur willa haf ta as fer fergivness after writin' ya this un
as I kno et isn't verry nice but thet wemen jus makes mi so
riled up.
Also I herd frum a relly relible surse thet shi wuz ingaged et
one time. Et was to ol' man Clyde who lives in willow holler.
She dun told him she wuz with child an he fund out she wuz a
lieing ta him, an he dun kicked her ta to ta wind. Now I know this
isa a gossipin' an it ain't a gud thang ta do but it mus be okay if it
be the truff.
Well, thet isa all I herd but I willa git back ta ya when I heer sum more.
 Me an Lisa ur a goin ta the NASCAR races todey wif her Charlie.
He isa # 99 ana he isa faverite ta win taday. Ta purse isa wurff
$100,000. an Lisa thinks he  got a gud  chance a winnin.
Catcha ya later tator.......... Yer Frend....... Emmy Lou
P.S. I fergot ta ask ya? Is Mary Jane still afer yer Billy Joe Bob?
Lisa's Charlie dun told Lisa thet he'd haffa put a bag ober her hed befor
he cud sleep wif her.  

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