Hear youns gon to fine some relly good gmes to play.
Billyjoe Bob tris arn to play thes here gmes but has trublewith them.
Lots a good fun things here and most is free,so tell ur cite frends.





To Whum evr this hear leter conserns

Deer Sur or Madman,

Fur sumone that has a webb sight yu ensalt us ones with a edukation with yur tirrable spellen an grmmar.

Yu rally ned more skoolin disportletly. My mam an pap wood skin us aliv if we cent out bad grmmar and spellen lick yu doo.
I can rekomend a vary gude skool. Sallie jos coledge of englich. I wnt thar
fur 2 yurs and yu see how wel she teached me. Let me no if yu'll be wantin her adress an I wood sent it tu yu.
Think yu fur redin this hear leter.
Mis Molly May Muse
234 Jimie Crak Corn Lane Roord
Pessqawlie Conty Floorader 35476



deer mollymay

Plase snd 2 mes thtthre adres sos i mays lrns 2 rites god anglish in mi nwsletr.

i aur is sore thts my sholins so limtd butts i tris hards i can to does god,

thanks yous so much

carolyn in tenasea





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