Dear Emma Lou..
You shore have got my dander up with them bad things you wrote about me..
when you get my agrivation and dander both up, you got more than you can handle!!
Them so called hypocrit friends of yourn are nothing but busy bodies and gossipers... They don't even go to church to learn about God, they just want to stir up trouble. 

You think people should be sorry for Carolyn cause she's got so many youngens,
well that's a way of life honey... ifin she don't know how that happened I shore ain't gonna be the one to tell her.  
I don't want to be ugly about this but you need to mind yourn own business.
Go find a man and quit worrying about other women and what they do and quit spreading ficious lies about me.  I'm a God fearing woman and you don't scare me a bit...I ain't afraid of you or whoever honey...

I'm seeing Billyjoe Bob tonite and i'm gonna tell him all your wicked lies about me and him... then we'll see whose in for a surprise... he ain't gonna let
nobody hurt his Mary Jane cause he lovs me and wants to be with me.
So go chew on this awhile honey.
Mary Jane

Redneck Poetry Shelfİ
This letter was written for this site so.
Please do not take it with out permission!




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