Der Homer,
 Mi Gudness, mi cheeks fel so hot an I jus dunt' know wher ta begin this
leter. I dun red whet ya wrote ina mi gues book and I am still flushed yet frum et.
I merried Billyjoe Bob when I was unly 14 so I ain't neva ben wif no otter men. No men dun paid no attension ta me befor now cuz they alla no thet Billyjoe Bob can git mighty meen when he isa all licquored up. I halfa tell ya I am mighty flatered at yer attentshion towerd mi, but ima merried an as longa asa I am, I willa be faitful to mi Billyjoe Bob. I know he luvs mi ina his own way, I jus ain't figurred out whet hisa way isa yet.
I dun fund out thet hes ben sleepin wif thet ol' mary Jane, but et wil pass ina time cuz Billyjoe Bob tires ofa most thangs perty fast.


He got relly mad when ya beet him ina the mayarol race so ya betta watcha yer back cuz he wuz relly werked up plenty. He sed he wuz gonna git on the town cuncil jus so he coulda make yer durn life mizrabul. He isa plannin' on votin' aginst ever thang ya thinks is gud fer
ta town.
Ima cuttin' tis  short cuz I dun feel right writin ta ya. I am flatered thet ya like mi but I tend ta stik wif mi Billyjoe Bob fer as long as we is alive.     
                           Syncerly     Carolyn

Redneck Poetry Shelfİ
This letter was written for this site so.
Please do not take it with out permission!

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