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Billyjoe Bob tris arn to play thes here gmes but has trublewith them.
Lots a good fun things here and most is free,so tell ur cite frends.





Unleash the moorings! It is full steam ahead! In search of adventures and teeming treasures of legendary pirates!

Under the captivating smile of the Jolly Roger, on the swift-sailing schooner Lucky Smile, the happy-go-luck team of Captain Jack is challenging the high seas - swarming with its mysterious sea creatures, cutthroat thugs who dream of grabbing a reward for your skin, and an armada of Her Majesty's guards, fast on your heels.

Are you curious about how a typical pirate spends his days out at sea? Captain Jack intends to get his hands on an old map leading to the most legendary treasure in the world, getting to the famous treasure trove no matter what. This will not be easy - after all, Jack has powerful rivals in this adventure. In addition, he is also a famous pirate, whose head in and of itself is a treasure to all sorts of people: Go sailing the seas with us, and over nearly ten levels, you will get a great chance to explore lots of interesting places, battle against guards of the royal fleet, and come face-to-face with wondrous sea creatures!





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