I wish that I had a picture
Of my second son Joe,
He was a bright eyed young lad,
About the age of four
The day I left him in the car,
To shop in the grocery store.
(Back then it was OK)
When I came back out through the door,
Oh my! what did I see,
Joe doing an Indian dance,
On top of the old  Chevy,
Wearing old boots about size ten,
A crowd of people around him,
Laughing, Cheering , Clapping .
He saw me, off the top he came,
In a split second he made a dive,
Through the window of the old Chevy.
I had to laugh,  the crowd begged,
Please do not punish him
He was only entertaining.
Joe is now in Heaven,
I smile when I think of him,
The bright eyed little boy,
And the crowd he entertained.

By...Codell Donehoo


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