Portrayal Of Real Love
Two little girls were hiking through the fields one day on a lovely Midwest afternoon.
They approached a railroad track, which seemed like a wonderful way to continue their walk.
As the girls crossed a trestle, the sound of an oncoming train startled them.
Turning to escape the bridge, one of the girls wedged her foot between the tie and the rail and couldn't free it.
The engineer saw the children up ahead, and began immediately to apply the brakes.
Later, he reported the heartbreaking story to the local newspaper of how one of the girls made it to safety. She then turned back and tried to help her friend get free, but to no avail.
The engineer said the trapped girl seemed to be saying something to her friend, like,
"Go back! Go on! Save yourself! I can't get loose! Run!"
The train continued to bear down on them.
The girl whose foot was not caught ran to the edge of the trestle, then looked back, then ran once again to free her friend. She tugged with all her might before giving up and fleeing once again to the safety of the end of the bridge. She paused for a moment then returned to her friend one final time as the locomotive reached the bridge.
The little girl's wrapped their arms around each other, the train struck them with great force, and the children fell as one into the river below.
What kind of home did this heroic little girl come from?
She had a Christ-like quality to withstand any test!
It is a privilege for us who are in Christ to inspire moral character to others.
[Author Known to God]
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
(John 15:13)





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