~ The Child Of Your Heart ~
An angel came to me
She whispered in my ear,
I am going to give you a father
Who is going to be so very dear.
He is made for you specially
Given with God's love,
He has much to offer
This father that will give you love.
You see he was borrowed
His blood is not your own,
Yet he sees with wisdom
Beyond the world, unknown.
Tell him he is wanted
Give him your heart and soul,
It takes a special father
To love a daughter he barely knows.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Daddy, I am the child of your heart
When you first saw me
You loved me at once.
Everywhere you went, you took me too
That is when I gave my heart to you.
God blessed me with a father who cared
No matter where I came from
Or how I got there.
I went with you, all over town
We saw things together
There was such happiness to be found.
You showed me life
As it was meant to be,
I opened my eyes, and I began to see
I am the child of your heart
I will be with you, when your life is done
I know you will wait for me, until I come.


Linda Ann Henry 2004

Used with permission
Do not take Linda's work with out permission

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