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Rodeo Preacher

Uncle Will sat very tall in the saddle.
Later years loved to look after his cattle.
His faithful dog always followed behind.
He was a gentle man, always kind.

His stories he did love to tell,
He remembered them so well!
A very interesting man he was,
A rodeo man, who loved applause.

Never married, his lifestyle was such
A family would have suffered much.
His home life was on the road,
Motels at night was his abode.

Loved to travel with his dog and horse,
He lived his life without remorse.
Accepted Jesus at an early age
When drinking and such was quiet the rage!

Some called him a rodeo preacher,
Of the Word of God he was a teacher.
For the Kingdom of God, he won lost souls.
That was his calling, that was his goal.

He's living with Jesus now.
Has won all the souls that would allow
His teaching to reach their heart.
To give their lives a brand new start!

Uncle Will's lifestyle lead me to God one day.
As I thought about it, and considered his way.
He stood firm and faithful his whole life through.
No matter the cost, to his Lord he was always true.


Romans 10:14
How then shall they call on him in whom
they have not believed? and how shall
they believe in him of whom they have not
heard? and how shall they hear without a

As Christians we need to be very cauticous
of our lifestyle. We may win or lose a soul
just by our actions.
Used with permission  from Melva.
Please do not take with out her permission
for no reason.

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