Carolyn's Place
I jest cum frem Carolyn's Place,
Boy ain't it a doozie,
Run my a sef importdnt gal,
Man she must be a floozie,
Tells he man to git a job,
She aint gone have a lofer
Whislt she sits on her butt,
Worman her goodwill sofa.
Now ain't that a how do you do,
That prissy redneck gal,
Puts presher on her man,
Whild she sits back an howls.
Cum on over Billyjoe Bob,
I got room in my tent,
I'll stroke yur hairy back,
And let you sit n vent.
Poor ole fellow ben dun wrong,
By that hillbilly loud motuth hussy,
Sweet little Billyjoe Bob,
Cum on I'll do yer fussing.
Carolyn you best git ,
Yur ducks in a roe,
Cause lil ole Billyjoe Bob,
Dun got sumwhar to go.
Cum on over Baby!!

Written for ©Redneck Poetry Shelf.
Sept. 10, 2007



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