Stab In the Back Carolyn!!

You have your nerve writing to Emma Lous bout me. You said I was not a lady well let me tell you somthing you little snake in the grass. You are wondering what Billyjoe Bob wants, well hehehehe.... I KNOW what he wants.

He wants a womem that can spel instead of writing like some ignant snake in the grass like you. He wants a woman who is good and thoughtful and sweet like me!!!

You can't spel worth nothing and says things that are not true about me and you sure ain't sweet... you are like a sour pig that ate a SNAKE in the grass. You got no business writng others and spreading gosip about me.

Billyjoe Bob and me are like two pees in a pod. He hides it from you... you hear me?????? he hides it. and the thing he wants is ME!!! not YOU or he wouldn't have those wants you speek of.

I got so much more than you SNAKE how could he ever want you..I know all about him and you know nothing. If you didn't have such a sad, hard luck, story abot you he would hav been gone months ago.

Did you know SNAKE that he has mony put a away for a getaway, so watch your bed cause he's gonna be mising one morning and taking all HIS money and loving with him.
He don't love you SNAKE cause you are a SNAKE in the grass and he knows it.
So there!!!!!!!
Mary Jane




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