Dearist Carlyn

You sint out yor newletter that other day. You called me a city woman. I dont apeciate that one bit.

I tride my hardest to work hard to help you on yor hillbilly place. But you knew since I stared going to collage and learning more about speling and all that stuf, you now dun went and hurt my fellings.This is the tanks I get for helpin in yur tim of ned. So you can tak you webstie and work on it yurself.
I have been tryin to go to schul to be a teachur and someday very suun I wil be abil to teach chilrens how to know righ from rong.

I will learn to spel bettur then so I can tech them all how to count to 100. might even be able to go highur when I get throug collage.
Then I can tech the chilrun to do ther abc. Now what do you thik of this city womans.

You migt want to say your sorry, becaue to me this is just not nicei.

Someday I will send to yous a leter that will surpie you to deats.

Now take you ole webstie and leave me to my learnin for our chilrin.

My wondrful hussssssband dont wont me arond you webtie anyhows if I can mak us more money anyhow.

I did all spel chick an al my wurds are speled corect. I git so nebous, mught be a wrung wurd or sooo

Bey and good to know yu

from the city



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