Hey Carolyn!

Shor wuz good hearin frum ya. I been awondrin bout whot you toll me bout old Homer. Ya no that ole fella probly is harmlace. I dont rekon I wood wurry much. Y heez so old he cudnt ketch ya even iffin he wonted to....an ifin he did happn ta katc ya he woodnt no what ta do neckst.

Ta ansher yor qestion bout skinny dippin, I aint nevva dun that sense tha day I wuz born and dont plan to.,,, My paw wuld whoop me frum hear ta heavens glory!

Sherrif dun got himself an I-full I tell ya whut... hed be the won ya betta watch!!! sneaken roun thim bushes.

Yaaa I shor nuff wanna get meself hitched...but rite won jest aint showed up on my doorstep as yet. He be needin hisself a good herd of goats and sum pigs an maybe sum cows afore paw wuld thank about letten me marry off.

sumtimes I thank I be grayhared and skin in bones afore I finds me a man. Im almost 16 now.... scarry aint it? Granny keeps a prayin for me a preacher-man ta marry. Woe on me!

Ifin ya change yurn mind bout ole Billyjoe Boy, ya lets me no an I cum up dere an whup him all by myself!!

Take gud cair of dem babies an I will rite more soon.

Luv Crazy Leggs



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