Letter To Billy Joe Bob

Say, Billy Joe Bob
I've got a word for you
You are one lazy critter
And Carol is true blue

Move your butt away
From that ol' stump
Git this place cleaned up
Make a trip to the dump

Five years ago, you made a promise
To fix and paint the outhouse
Carol's Mama fell through the floor
No wonder she called you a louse

Your wife needs new shoes
But do you give a care
No, not you, king of your house
Wearing holey socks and underwear

Are you really as happy
As you'd like others to think
Looks like Ma & Pa Kettle's home
And this place sure does stink

You say to leave you alone
So you don't want to be bothered
We shouldn't tell it like it is
Your ego might get lowered

Your neighbors are so great
You couldn't get a better wife
She works from sun-up to sun-down
You really need to "Get a life"

You think you are so special
Well, I have news for you
When it comes to being a good husband
You haven't got a clue

(This part for Carolyn)

Now Carolyn, Please don't be mad
Because I tore your man down
He needs to better care for you
Or get his butt out of town

Your so called "King of The House"
Is a real mangy ol' critter
Born way up in them there hills
No manners in that there litter

Please don't give him my e-mail address
I don't need him a fussin' at me
Oh, dear, close your eyes
That man of yours is a peein' on that tree

I have to go Carolyn
I can't take no more
Seein' the way your treated
Has just cut me to the core

Carolyn, why do you stay?
For his great sense of humor
You say you love this man
And I thought it was just a rumor...

Then I'll just butt out for
And mind my own bizzness
I can see you are both upset
Cause you don't know what the truth is.

Author: A Concerned Neiber




Redneck Poetry Shelf

This Poem was written for this site so
please do not take it with out permission pleas

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