Hillbilly Gazette
 Edition I February 2008

Billyjoe Bob Shoots Off Big Toe

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Fer Sale: One used wheel barro. Only one hole in it, not too big. 555-1234

* * * * *

Will trade one mule for milkin' cow. get aholt of Johnny. We needs it for the new baby.

* * * * *

Wagon for sale. In good shape. Needs a wheel.

* * * * *


Dad blame chilly all month!

Yeppers! Billyjoe Bob went a huntin' an acidenilly shot off his big toe! Seems that he was a sittin' on a stump restin' and his ol' dog Blue spotted a possum. He took off barkin' and scart poor ol' Billyjoe Bob. He knocked his gun down and it went off. He's none to happy with Blue. And he diden even get the possum!!

Doc Gruber put a banage on it and says he'll be just fine. He seems mostly mad about the hole in 'is boot.

Baby Gerl Born

Sissy and Johnny have a new baby gerl. They namt her Brenda Sue. That's 6 now for 'em. She wasn't as big as some, but big 'nough.

Ifinya have any xtree flour saks around, they could use 'em for diapers!

Prize Winin' Pies

Bobbie Jean won the Blue Ribbon for her cherry pie at the county fair last weekend! It was delishus.

Wanda Sue won 2nd place with her famus deep dish apple pie.

Auntie Mabel's rhubarb pie got 3rd place.


I herd that Billyjoe Bob was seen at Bubba's Steak House havin' a beer with Sallyjo shortly after he shot off his big toe.

* * * * *

Lil' Lindasue and Dannylee were caught sparkin' at Full Moon Holler last weekend. Ther moms and pops sure are mad!! The are both on 'striction and forbidden to see each other.


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