Day in and day out
Better be careful what you do
It's traveling around the world
The "Internet Spread" will catch up with you

Many years ago...
before the computer came around
This ailment called
"Internet Spread"
Was nowhere to be found

Now from morning to night
People are there...
You know where....
In front of computers
sitting on a chair

That chair will do it to you every time
You know what I have found
It'll make your bottom
really round

You can try to sit a little more to the left
or a little more to the right
Instead of just flat
That still won't keep your backside
firm and tight

I guess you can stand for a while
Like an hour or two
Then the muscles back there drop
Yep...that's just what they do

This is what happens
It all goes saggy
Next thing you know
you got a fanny that's baggy

This is the truth
If it's something you dread
Don't sit in front of the computer
Or you'll get
"Internet Spread!!!!"

Poem is Copyright Carolyn's Place
iffin yalls takes it we all iz comin' after
yall with a shootgun!!


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