Use your mouse to move the pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle around
and use your right mouse button to rotate pieces
and when you get them into
the proper order and location they will click into place.
Watch and see how fast the puzzle is completed and race with your friends
Have fun and share the page with your friends.

Hey everybody look at what I done found out
how to do for you.
Billyjoe Bob told me there just was no way I could figur this out but I did. I sur does love that man but wish he would not be so mean to me some times.

I have you some puzzels here to work on and hope you do enjoy them.
hey you guys on webtv thingy I am not sure ifn they will works for you or not
I just hope they do so yous can have fun as well.

here is the list I got done so fore just click and play ok
Newest Puzzles on top


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