Helo Fulks,

Ya kno, I ben so buzy latly thet I jus plain fergot al abut
tellin' ya'all abut whuts ben happenin in me an Billys

Furst of all, I am relly mad et him. I put a guess bok
in mi web-site an he dun got so mad et me. He is julous
of me cuz I dun make so meny frends on ta web.

Gurls I am a tellin ya, if'n ya wer relly smrt, ya wuld neva
get merried. Ina mens eyes we cant' do nuttin write.
They jus set arund and spect uz to wait un them al ta live lung day.
I git so turd of it all.

I hed sum free time awhale bak an I dun went bak ter schol.
I wuz a doin reel gud an Billyjoe Bob dun made me qit. He
wuz a gittin julous of mi man techer. Ta techer dun smild
et me un day en frunt of Billyjoe Bob an thet was ta end of
mi scholin'.
Gues I wil neva lern to spel now. Hope ya'all kin reed mi spelin'.

Enyway, whet I want'd ta tel ya is I fund out thet Billyjoe Bob
has ben a cheetin' un me. he's ben a hangin' out wif all the loculs
who dun't wurk an they all ben goin' ta the locul bar an a drinkin
an after ta bar dun gets closed et nite, neked wemen comes out
an do sum sort ofa dancin'. Ta men all put ther munny in ta girlies
pantees and thet relly makes mi mad cuz Billy Joe Bob neva dun
put no munny ina mi pantees.

I got miself a new fryin' pan, a big blk. cust iron un. Termerrow
when Billyjoe Bob wakes up, hes a gonna have a big big hedache.
tat'll tech him ta mess arund on mi. I dun ben ta most faithfull wife
he culd eber ask fer and then he goes an duz this. I keep askin miself
why he wuld go an do such a thang. I no I am no beutty prise, but I em
a gud wife.

I think hes a got to much time un his hans an I am a tryin' ta get him
ta run fer meyor cuz our old un dun died un us. His wife dun fund out he
wuz a spendin too much time in the bar affer hurs too an she fullowed him
un nite and thet wuz the end of him. She dun shot him un the lady juge
dun said et wuz the unly thang she culd do.

Anyway, Billyjoe Bob is a lut smarter then that otter man woo wunts to
be the meyor. Billyjoe Bob dun finshed ta secund grade. I think if'n he'd
aply himslf he cud do a gud job fer our town. Thet utter man ain't got
no scholin et all ta speak about.

Gues wat? Billyjoe Bob jus came in ana he dun apoligised ta me an hes
a lettin' me go bac ta schol if'n I dun't hit him wif my new fryin' pan.
Well now, I kan't stay un here much lunger cuz I hav to go get all
pretied up so's I wil look gud fer mi techer.

Thet Mary Jane wuz a puttin' mi down agin and thet sure makes mi
relly mad. She wuz a sayin' I need ta lern ta spel.
I am a considerin the surse though cuz I no she isa just julous cuz she
isa ol' maid.
She wants whut I got an she puts me down ebery chanse she gits.
Ther is un who wuld make eny women a relly gud husban but she don't
pay him no mind.

He isa what alla us wemem here abouts call a hunk. Hes got relly
long hare, tatoos alla over his body an he is a sweet as sweet tater pie.
He shur puts away the food at the countee fair picnik. Hes one nice
lukin' man. Mary Jane wud be mighty luky to catch him but she
shys away frum the singlr uns.
I think it is cuz she relly dun't want ta get married. She jes wants
ta have her fun wif ta merried uns. She dusn't want a cumminment.

Un more thang, I almost fergot. Billyjoe Bob dun made himself a
still up thar in ta hills.
He says it is hid gud enuff thet them revnuers wun't find et.
I jus hope he dun't drink himself to deth. He done came home
las nite all licored up.


I ben a talkin' ta him about a goin' ta church wif me butt thet man
of mine don't have no intrest ina anythang thet isa gud fer him.
If'n he isn't intrested ina savin' his body, mebe ifn' he changes his
ways God will see fit ta save his soul.

Well, ima dun a jawwin' et ya'll fer now....... See ya nex time....

luv Carolyn

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