Billyjoe Bob's self esteem,
Has been cut down real low,
Sweet Carolyn told him to get a job,
Or he knows where he can go.

Now that meddlin naybor,
Done stuck her noz wher it dont blong,
Carolyn just wont shet her mouth,
She sangs the same ole song.
She aint no sanger nether!!!!
I jest dont like dis song!!!!
Dang nozy naybor!!
Needs to stey wher she belongs!!!!!!

Billy Git A Job    as sung by Carolyn.
"Billyjoe Bob git a Job,
Or yo honey will turn sour,
I want ye punching a clok,
Wurking hour, adter hour.
Come Fridey I'll git the check,
Then mamas going shopping,
I'll spend and spend yo money,
While ye jest keep a hoppin.
I think yull do reel gud,
In the factery what come to town,
When I wake in the mornin time,
You better not be nowher around.
Im gonna check to see,
If in that line yo standen,
Ferst com ferst served,
yo in that line  I best be findin.
I know thayll find yo a job,
It is mint to be that a wey,
Carolyn dun found her voce,
And Ill hound yo ever dey.
Better fer yo to go to wurk,
Than be hur widte me,
Or yull be much less a man,
Next time yo pee on a tree.
I aim to clean dis place,
Make it sparkle and shine,
If yo want to survive my man,
Yoll be a wurking man of mine."


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