Gomer Clucks run unto Ulafay Dogs the otter day, He sur lived up to his last name,ha. He's a looking for his papa, and fell down over a dirt clod. Right at Ulafay Dogs feet.

She said well Gomer unn's a Clucks ant ya? Gomer lok up at her and he gots so flustered, becuss HE took one lok at her and fell right there in love.
He stamered and sturdered, hem and haud untle he saide yes.
Well they went on thar first date, down at the local soda fountain, joe's gas station.

He done reach unto his pocket to get money for the sode and low and behold his pocket had a hole in the bottom.
So been the clucks his is, aske her to get the sodes. theys was only a nickle and she come from a well todue family an all. Gomer wanted one reel bad, cause when he fell over that dirt clod he swallered half of the dirt in the street.

As they were adrinking thar sodes, papa show up.
He done tell Gomer he was to be plawing the south 10, as thay coundn't affur a south 40. but homer told his papa he can't. mule got out and unto ant Julia vegitble gerdun. papa said so, Gomer he said ant Julia hit the mule on his head with the cas iron scullet and the mule was actun funny, so I comes alookin for you for help.

Homer told papa he was a sparkun Ulafay and to go away, go thak care of that mule. Ulafay told Gomer to help his papa and he shod come for a bbq on Saturday, thay were goning a have possum over the grill and sweet taters, and fixen.Then he's to met up with the family and get to know each otter familys.
Gomer and his papa went to take care of the mule that ant Julia dinged with the cas iron scullet, but Gomer was a loking at Ulafay and a thinkun of Saturday bbq,untell she got around the bend of the road.

Papa en Gomer found the mule a setun wth a not on his head and loking fogg eyed. Theys put a cold rag on his hed and got him out of ant Julia vegitble gardun and into the shade, fixun the fance around vigitable gardun to kept that old mule out of thur. That old mule got better and they got to plowun , but Gomers' mind was on Saturday's bbq at Ulafay's and his rows wert stright, weather it was Homer or the mule, we cudden't tell. Papa made him due it again until he guts it rite.

Ant Julia hollared supper on and Homer toke the mule to the shed as he was no good at a plowun that day. Gomer was so excidit as he told ant Julia of the bbq, he cudn't harly eat. He asks her to fix the hole in his pants, as they were the olny pair he had and he didun't want to loze any more money. Hez was agona to take Ulafay to the movies and he only have 50 sents and didun't wontta loze it.

Homer goses to he creak to warsh his cloths as he only has the one pair, pants and he both needed to be clean for the bbq.
So he gets ant Julia lie soap an aheads for the creak. Ant Julia lie soap was so strong, it would clean anything.

Why they has this old cow hide they cuddun't get the hair to come off, so the soak it in her lie soap, not only did the hair come off but it tanned it too. but thats a nutter storie.

Gomer's family met Ulafay family at the bbq and had a reelly good time, but Gomer want to be along with Ulafay so they aet real fast and aheaded to the movie. Yep, Gomer check his pockets and his 50 sents was still thar. The movie was a B-western, didn't matter, they were sparkun to much to care, so Gomer un Ulafay got to be along after all.



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