Dear BillyJoe Bob:
I saw that there letter that yor busy body neghbor writ to Carolyn...  she ain't no friend of hers, just buttering her up so she can borrow things like butter, sugar. 
She might even be after yor sugar! hehehe

Anyways, my offer still goes.  You are welcome anytime. 
 it's not true about what Emma Lou said about my husbands...
believe me, they died happy hehehe
and not overworked as she wants you to believe.

Anyway, that woman can't even spel right!  She couldn't even make out a grocery list without gitting the store clerk all confused. 

 I was good to my husband and he loved me to death cause I was a good loving, uncomplaing wife and I waited on him all the time. 
Never axed him to do a thang around this farm. 

 I dont want you to work, just go sit with me while I milk the cows, and slop the hogs..

I could just look over at you and get chills up and down my spine...
Now I know how to treat a man.

Mary Jane



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