Dear BillyJoe Bob..

I jus had to writ you and tell you that my heart just bleeeds for you!!  Carolyn is being way too hard on you baby, and if you ever git tired of her nagging and fussing  all the time you can shore come live with me.  All she does is complain, complain!!!   not ever thinking how lucky she is to have a man!  I'd give anything to have a man set in my recliner.... at least she's not alone but she oughta be as all she does is nag, nag  and nag.  How do you stand that woman nagging all day long.  She brags about how she does this and how she does that but what does she do for you??  Wants a clean pretty house all the time but better be thinking about keeping her man happy.  Well baby, whenever you get fed up just writ me a note and you can come visit me anytime!   I'd love to have you!!  You won't have to lift a finger at my house as I don't worry about things being out of place or the dishes piling up.  We can always go buy some paper ones.. Anyway, we won't have time for cooking much as I have lots of farm animals that have to be tended to.  You could help with those but only if you want to..I've done fell in love with you My baby Bob (hope you don't mind me calling you that), so hurry on down.

bye fer now..

Mary Jane


THIS DON'T WORK (he has no address)

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