Hear youns gon to find out hows I coks many of thm thur criters that
Billyjoe Bob trips an kils fer ur super ery day.
Lots a good food so tell ur cite frends.

The nw ons is at the botm of the list.
Head Biscuits
WNC Barbecue
Roast Chicken
Chuck Roast
Fried Rabbit
Pan Fried Fish
 Fried Chicken
Style Pork Roast
Blue Ridge
Mountain Pot Roast
Pork Loin
And Gravy
“N’ Dumplings

Onion Casserole

Rice And
Sausage Casserole

Dump Dish Dinner
Burnsville Beef And Macaroni Skillet Ground
Beef And Corn Casserole

Aunt Beth's Meatloaf
Church Social Meat loaf Aunt
Abby’s Chicken Patties
Country Baked Chicken Country Fried Steak

Company Pork Chops

Beef Barbecue Cups

Tomato Soup Meatloaf

Mother’s Beef Stew

Cabbage Rolls

Layered Hamburger Pie

Crockpot Apple Glazed

Pork Roast

Crockpot Au Gratin Potatoes and Ham
Creamy Chicken And Biscuits Country Meatballs

Catfish With Bacon And Horseradish Sauce

Creamy Skillet Chicken

Barbecued Spareribs

Chicken Fried Steak And Gravy

My Favorite Beef Stew

Pineapple Baked Ham

Salisbury Steak

Bacon Potato Pie

Ham Loaf

Cornbread Pie

Baked Trout with Fresh Herbs

Salmon Cakes

Beef and Cabbage Soup
Mama’s Young Peas And Potatoes In White Gravy
Shuck Beans Or Leather Britches



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